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What Angel Inn Recording Does

As the owner and primary engineer at Angel Inn Recording, I specialize in On-Location recording of vocal and instrumental ensembles in both live performance and in dedicated recording situations.  I strive for the best possible recording quality at a fair price.

Live Audience Recordings

There are many factors that have a large impact on the quality of the final product.  The quality of the ensemble's performance is undoubtedly the very most important!  Sometimes the venue may place constraints on the recording including background noise, room acoustics, microphone placement (audience impact, etc.).  I work with the customer to identify venue based constraints, and mitigate them to the extent possible in order to improve the final product.

Studio Recordings

In addition to recordings of performances in front of audiences, I also work with studio type recording projects where clients want to create commercial media for sale.  While I can act as the "Producer" of your commercial recording project, I prefer that one person representing the customer be identified as the producer.  This person is ultimately responsible for making decisions based on the choices I can offer in take selection, mixdown, track selection and track order.  This is also the person who selects and engages mastering services, replication services, etc.

Partial Client List

I have had the great pleasure to work with a wide variety of local groups and musicians. Here are some recent and some memorable clients: BHS Madrigals, Bit Players, Branham High School Symphonic Band, CUHSD Music Festival, Damascus Road, David Wheeler, DejaVu, Golden Gate Symphony Chorus, Good Sam Chancel Choir, Hyde Middle School Orchestra, Janet Childs, Joyful Revue Quartet, Los Gatos UMC Christmas Concert, Mission Valley Chorus, Mitch and Ros, Robert & Lisa, Soul Sisters, Sultans of Swing, Swallowtail, and Swing Solution.

Final Thoughts

I want your experience working with me to be positive and rewarding.  I'll bring my experience, expertise and equipment together to make that happen.

Let's start working on your recording project!  Check my contact page and send me an e-mail.

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