Setup / Teardown: $95 per session

This includes setting up all equipment required for recording on location, taping down cables in high foot traffic areas, powering up and testing all equipment.  This same charge also includes removal of all equipment at the end of the session.  If equipment is left setup overnight in a multi-day session, only one charge applies for the entire session.

Depending on the complexity of the setup, between 90 minutes and 3 hours may be required for setup and 60 to 90 minutes for teardown.  Please take this time into account when renting facilities for recording.

Recording Time: $70 per hour

This is the time in the venue when the group is together and is practicing or performing for the recording.  Scheduled breaks of 30 minutes or longer are not charged.

This charge covers the engineering time as well as equipment use for Angel Inn Recording owned equipment including microphones, pre-amps, interfaces, computers, monitors, headphones, stands, cables, etc.  Any additional equipment rental charges are passed directly through to the customer without uplift or overhead.

Mixing Time: $40 per Song

This flat rate per song applies to basic mixing of multiple tracks when multiple microphones are recorded on independent channels at the venue and are later mixed together into a cohesive stereo or monaural mix or soundscape.  This includes the use, if needed, of plugins normally associated with mixing live recording such as EQ, limiting, dynamics, reverb, etc.  In live concerts where the same group performs multiple songs which are similar, those similar songs will be combined into one mixing charge.

In cases where advanced mixing services are needed, such as adding overdubs, splicing multiple takes, etc., then a rate of $70 per hour may apply depending on how much equipment and effort is needed and where the activity is to take place.  This is unusual for ensemble based location recording.

Other Potential Recording Project Costs

Angel Inn Recording is an On-Location recording company, not a recording studio.  AI Recording is happy to help select a recording venue for a recording project, but it is up to the customer to book the venue.

AI Recording is proud to recommend Grammy award winning Bill Hare Productions for mastering tracks and CDs.  BHP will charge the customer directly for these services.

AI Recording also recommends Disc Makers for CD / DVD manufacturing and duplication.  The customer is encouraged to create a login account at, select a package, provide the text and artwork needed for the project and submit the mastered tracks as delivered by AI Recording or Bill Hare Productions.

Short run CD and DVD duplication and disk face printing (less than 100 disks and artwork provided by client) can be done by AI Recording for $3 per disk, typically with 5 business day turn around or less assuming the mix is complete.

Equipment rental and/or shipping costs, if needed, are passed through to the client without uplift.

Travel to locations more than 25 miles from 95124 (San Jose, CA) may be charged at $1 per mile distance from my San Jose home.  Air fare, hotel and meals for longer trips are charged at my cost.

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